Juan Perucho

ux consultant | service designer

HERE: A new vision

In a world of constant change, Engineers and designers adapt HERE services dynamically to provide an easier and more productive experience


Whether on foot, public transport or in a car, HERE Maps provide everyday guidance with accurate maps that are always available. Even without an Internet connection using their widely acclaimed offline navigation.

My task was exploring a web-focused UX with the goal of addressing usability issues, analyze market trends and define the next user experience for the urban mobility scenario. I supported as UX designer during 6 months on 2015.


I focused my effort on understanding the topics that might create a higher impact in the user experience.
Such as user expectations, user relevant data and boost the existing capabilities of HERE maps.

Understanding user expectations

I analyzed the competitors strategy and defined product opportunities

Exploring engaging interactions

Explored widely the diferent ways to interact with map, map objects, route, etc

Bringing user-relevant content

I defined an engaging strategy of the service based of customization

Concept specification and wireframes

5 different concepts were sketched, 3 developed wireframed and 2 produced visually and 1 high quality prototyped.
At every step of the process, quick prototypes were developed to validate the UX principles and transitions.

Defining concepts

Several directions have been formuled from an analytic basis


The concepts have been developed in parallel to find global solutions

Look and Feel

Prototypes and animations were created almost every week to validate our findings

Simplified hero screens
Keeping the esence of the landing, route planner and place details

Smoother route planner flow
Less is more, planning a route from home needs a simple handling

Increased interactive spots
Map itself, route, map objects have idle, hover and direct feedback

Enriched the desktop experience
Exploring new venues and planning ahead makes lots of sense