Juan Perucho

ux consultant | service designer

HERE Auto guidance

HERE helps people navigate their lives with intelligent and personal maps.


HERE creates connected navigation solutions for in-and beyond the car as well as an intelligent car platform for next generation highly automated vehicles.

I helped the great team of engineers and designers to let the car think ahead of the driver, learn his habits, work with other devices and present information and options in the least distracting way possible. I was UX consultant during 6 months on 2015.

My task: Ensuring top quality

I was responsible of the consistency of the automotive system and their related mobile applications.

I tested their products and solved concept bugs by quick iterations with developers and stakeholders.

Testing HERE products

HERE apps, Here.com and Here Auto products and their versions for clients.

Define best practices

Understand, analyze, compare and check if some solutions can be applied globally


Solutions are evaluated with diverse procedures to have an objective view

Concept specification and wireframes

The concept specification was done to solve specific platform issues and harmonize the global usage of the car system and mobile companions.

Sketches, process flows, and keyscreens were been done in Omnigraffle and Keynote.

Use case analysis

All possible use cases were collected (with developers) to have a global view


Process flows, wireframes and detail descriptions covered all scenarios

Issue and report tracking

Many teams, several locations and thousand issues to care of were handled with JIRA

Prototyping and validation

I created the prototypes and the scripts for validating several concepts.
The specific topics were approved before proceeding with its implementation.


I produced quick prototypes with tools as Keynote, Axure, InVision and Omnigraffle


Once the updates were approved we proceed implementing the ideas.


Once the updates were approved we proceed implementing the ideas