Juan Perucho

ux consultant | service designer


Ideas to power the wearable revolution!


HERE Maps and Garmin are teaming together to enhance their experiences to host a wearathon.
HERE Maps, as it is a mobile app, provides everyday guidance with accurate maps that are always available. Garmin, as smart watch provider, offers dynamism and hand-free overview.

We designed a service which collects the best of each product while providing a pleasant and valuable experience. The team was made up by Stefan Tarana and Mei Dong (developers) and myself as interaction designer. 
This small project was done during in 3 days in July 2015.


Concept specification and wireframes

I researched the main use cases where wearable technology becomes relevant and the different ways we could boost the existing capabilities of HERE maps.
We selected use cases where wrist-navigation would be very powerful: Hands-free to focus on more important things than a phone (children, packages,… ) for the “on the go” scenario.


Understand user expectations

I analyzed the competitors strategy and defined product opportunities

Exploring engaging interactions

I explored the uses cases where wearable tecnology is useful

Aim to the perfect symbiosis

A great opportunity to bring the best from each product

Ideation and conception

We prepared a fully functional smartwatch app to display navigation related content of the route from the phone and basic features on the watch.
3 days project to develop basic functionalities, test our approach and make it alive in a real device. I prepared sketches, user journeys and the visual assets.


Several directions have been formulated from an analytic basis

Concept definition

Understand all possible use cases and defined the most important ones

Look and feel

The design considered different display capabilities like screen shape and colors

Integrated compass
Street guidance to navigate to next destination

Next stop details
Train line details direction and departure time

Arrival station
Name of the station and arrival time

Smart notifications
The vibration helps not to miss a transfer


Our team managed to build the Minimum Viable Product in the final device within the 3 days of the wearathon time.

Bluetooth technology
Allowing a compelling experience

Hands-free navigation
Load the route on the watch to enjoy hands-free activities

Save phone battery
Using only the wrist GPS

Award winning idea
My team won the silver prize